What We Do

We make products that last a very long time without refrigeration.  They are processed literally in a flash, keeping the integrity of the original formula.  Then we pack them into a sterile container that no air can breech.  The result is for you to enjoy.



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Steuben Heritage

Roar back to the 1920s for a brief tour of where we came from, to better understand where we can take you!


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Asepticize Your Life

Learn what this “aseptic” business is all about, and why it’s one of the best things going

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Ready, Set, Aseptic!

In 1991, we started a little experiment with something called “aseptic packaging.” It was a “European” thing then, not many people got it this side of the Pond. Until someone, somewhere, said, “Oops, I left my milk on the counter… for days.” And it was still good, and could stay there months more and still be good! 

Attention, Partners!

What is Steuben Foods?  We are a partner, foremost.  Not everything we do rolls out under our own name.  Probably 0.001 percent of the world’s population knows we exist.  But that’s the point: the quieter the better.  We’d be plenty loud if we weren’t good at it.  So instead, let us be your silent, dependable partner, giving you the goods and letting you take the credit!

Job of the Week

Check out this Quality Systems Analyst position, new for November!