Aseptic Packaging

The “Problem”

What is that milk doing on the regular old grocery shelf? It must be spoiled, right? What an oversight, to sell it like such! Manager!

If you reacted like such… you’re actually kind of right. You’ve picked up on why aseptic packaging is amazing, sort of like going to space. It makes no sense because it does.

You see, products like milk do not self-regulate like acidic juices do. You have to refrigerate to keep them fresh. But what if the fridge is broken? You’re camping in a tent? It’s really hot outside? You’re running an extended race?

The Solution

The key is that we kill everything bad by super-heating the product for just a couple seconds. Then your drink never again sees the light of day. We build an ironclad package around it. Not even our good friend Air can get in, meaning neither can bacteria. No refrigeration necessary: open it at your convenience, in the comfort of home, and enjoy as though right from the source.

Steuben Foods does aseptic right. Freshness, quality, convenience… From R&D to production, 600 people are working each day to make it perfect for you.