Career Opportunities

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Did you answer “a food processor.”  Probably not.  You probably said “astronaut.”  For us, this only qualifies food processing as a well-kept secret.

Food Manufacturing Careers

In our opinion, food processing is quite an adventure. Not only is it a cornerstone of American manufacturing; it transcends manufacturing altogether. It is marketing, sales, research & development, food science, engineering, accounting, strategic planning, computer technology – and many things in between. In other words, food manufacturing is a compilation of almost everything. If you do not think it is for you, we advise that you think again!

Current Openings

Check here for open positions at Steuben Foods! The graphic below will help you understand where each position fits within the bigger picture of Steuben Foods.

Steuben Foods employs in both the Buffalo and New York City areas. Contact Julie Senko, Vice President of Human Resources, for more information.

Julie Senko
Executive Vice President – Chief Human Resources & Financial Officer
Steuben Foods, Inc.
716-655-4000 x348