EMPact America

Steuben Foods is part of a society larger than business. We are conscious of, and honored by, our membership in many layers of community; from Elma, New York to the United States of America. EMPact America is a way of giving back.


Wholly funded by Steuben Foods, EMPact works for the sustenance of our communities in an uncertain world. The greatest uncertainty of all may, indeed, be the electric grid. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) – delivered either naturally (a solar flare delivered by the sun) or deliberately (a nuclear weapon detonated above the earth’s surface) – could effectively cripple our electric infrastructure in an instant; perhaps for a duration of many years. Mr. Henry Schwartz, EMPact America’s founder, has spent his entire life in food processing.  He understands that, without electricity, our society might no longer be nourished and fed.

Threefold Mission

The threefold mission of EMPact America is to protect against, prepare for and recover from this contingency. To protect, the organization lobbies for bipartisan action in Washington and elsewhere. In helping to prepare, it educates the population in skills and survival techniques which have universal utility – with or without an EMP.

Steuben’s Role

Steuben Foods itself plays a key role in any hypothetical recovery. Being an aseptic manufacturer, with designs to power itself outside of the grid, Steuben could help to feed a population getting back on its feet. Indeed, every aseptic purchase made today is, in fact, an act of preparedness.

National Geographic Special

In 2010, National Geographic produced a special about the silent threat of an EMP to our civilization. It is aptly named Electronic Armageddon. Mr. Henry Schwartz, founder and primary benefactor of EMPact America, was prominently featured.  So too was the Steuben Foods facility. The clip below answers the question of why we care better, perhaps, than any words.