Job Openings

Filler Operator

Elma, NY

Posted 3/12/19





Education/Prerequisite Requirements:

  • Minimum High School Diploma or equivalent

Equipment/Training Knowledge:

  • Package integrity/teardowns
  • Main groups of machine/Pull-tab unit
  • Quality mindset
  • Strong mechanical aptitude

Direct Report:  Supervisor, Leads

Indirect Report:  Department Manager, Plant Superintendent

Schedule:  Variable scheduling based on production schedule


Work Specifications – Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for food safety and quality
  • Operate and maintain fillers according to OS book
  • Follow startup and shutdown procedures according to OS book and turn procedure checklist
  • CIP of required fillers, intermediate and final cleaning.
  • Perform weekly common serviced o fillers.
  • Perform seal evaluation according to OS book for required fillers including pull tab.
  • Keep accurate records, filler downtime log, turn procedures, and chart recorders.
  • Ensure filler is stocked with materials needed.
  • Keep filler room and fillers in clean sanitary conditions.
  • Perform safe handling of chemicals, appropriate PPE (personal Protective Equipment) used, H₂O₂ concentration checks.
  • Ensure only quality packages leave filler room.
  • Alert maintenance if equipment malfunctions, works with them to correct problem.
  • Communicate production issues to Supervisors/Leads and other operators.