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combiblocXSlim by SIG

We understand, better than anything, and perhaps anyone, the importance of the package to your brand. You are looking for the perfect synergy:

Product + Package = Perfection.  But perfection is defined differently for different products, serving different demographics, in different markets.

  • Would you choose a jumbo size for the world’s most deliciously indulgent beverage, if it puts the nutritionals through the roof?
  • Would you want a giant package for a premium beverage, if it prices you out of competitiveness?
  • Would you expect parents to pay more for a carton larger than your child needs for his/her nourishment?

(If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, or this is not quite what you are looking for, see our full portfolio of packaging options here.)

XSlim: “The Little Sensation”

The problems, outlined above, suggest that small packages are, indeed, the future. If something is the future, it is not long in becoming the present in today’s fast world. So SIG Combibloc developed the revolutionary XSlim fractional filling and packaging system. They don’t  call it a “little sensation” for nothing:

1. Portability – The packages are ultra-thin (47 x 32.5 mm) , thus even more portable; little and big hands alike can fit comfortably around them.

2. Flexibility – A single filling machine can produce seven different sizes: 80mL, 90mL, 100mL, 110mL, 125mL, 150mL and 180mL.

3. Innovation – The 80 and 90mL variations are the first ever in the history of cartons.

4. Differentiation – Stands-out uniquely on store shelf.

5. Aseptic – Not to worry, it isn’t too small to be aseptic.

Our Part

We are proud to be partnering with SIG Combibloc to bring XSlim capabilities to Steuben Foods.

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