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Maintenance Process Technician

Elma, NY

Posted 3/12/19

Education/Prerequisite Requirements:

  • Associates Degree in one of the Engineering disciplines or equivalent related fields or life work experience equivalence
  • Experience in a commercial maintenance field related to aseptic sterilizing and fluid processing preferred
  • Knowledge in UHT and HTST processing equipment
  • Separation experience a plus
  • Experience in PLC and instrumentation, including Allen Bradley and Beckhoff controls preferred


Equipment/Training Knowledge:

  • Knowledge with Tetra-Pak UHT and HTST injection and infusion heat treating systems
  • Knowledge with APV/Galin UHT and HTST injection and infusion heat treating systems
  • Knowledge in plate heat exchangers and heat transfer for food stuffs
  • Homogenization equipment from 10-350HP, including aseptic
  • Calibration and/or inspection of heat treatment and sterilization equipment for the aseptic industry



  • Availability for after-hours phone support and/or on-site assistance
  • Shift availability


Work Specifications – Responsibilities:

  • Monitor the status of 90-day inspections on all equipment
  • Perform all internal and State mandated 90-day inspections, including all PMO related inspections for Grade A milk production
  • Assist with the tracking and execution of all separation equipment PM schedules including but not limited to: Milk and GNS production facilities
  • Assist with process improvement initiatives that would ensure more robust equipment through focused attention and chronic problem resolution.


Direct Report:  Process Supervisor


Indirect Report:  Director of Maintenance






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