Who We Are

Our Mission

Steuben Foods does things that help people have better lives. 

  • We make airtight, long shelf-life packages – full of products, ranging from time-tested necessities to on-trend home runs – to mold into, and enhance, your lifestyle…
  • We transcend the commodity space, where things are always done the same way; that is, well short of their potential
  • We keep small – familial – in spite of our growth; it’s about being tight within our walls, and close to our customers, knowing and delivering to their needs
  • Change is our foundation; if we don’t have what you are looking for (we very often do), we pride ourselves on the knowledge and commitment to be able to pull it off
  • Our workforce is WNY-approved; Western New York is a world capital for industrious and competent people, running back to the days of grain elevators and steel
  • … And we do it right. ¬†Quality and safety are our livelihood, as much as they are yours
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