Quality Assurance

We live in an age of stringent quality standards, precisely because we live in an age of consciousness. Businesses have become increasingly concerned with people.  They have seen the repercussions of their actions – and sometimes their lack of action.  Profitability cannot cannot at the expense of safety.  Indeed, profitability helps to measure safety: people will buy what they can trust. 

Steuben and Customer: A Relationship of Trust

35 years of success and growth testifies to Steuben’s special bond with customers, partners and consumers alike. This is a relationship of trust. The industry and marketplace know that Steuben Foods means supreme quality. This is a function of reputation; but we are not without some badges, too.

Quality Certifications

These are our quality certifications – symbols of a job done right:

  • Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level III
  • Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS)
  • Organic (QAI)
  • Kosher (Orthodox Union)
  • United States Military

All of our manufacturing processes are supported by HACCP plans and validated by a qualified process authority.

Allergen Control

We are also well aware that the language of 21st century quality is spoken in terms of allergens. We understand this language well. Moreover, we apply it rigorously. Our allergen control program touches our entire operation – from raw storage, to batching, to finished goods warehousing, and everything in between.

We are, above all, committed to matching what is supposed to be in your package with what actually is in your package.  We promise that you will have both deliciousness and peace of mind.